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You can easily and quickly track your orders on official website

1. Best Way
• United States Postal Service Priority Mail, Track URL: (e.g. 9101901000188000356875)
• when arrive in the Canada, Track URL: (e.g. RA907065884HK)
• when arrive in the UK, Track URL: (e.g. RA907043795HK)
• when arrive in the France, Track URL:
• when arrive in the Italy, URL: (e.g. RA907065938HK)
• when arrive in the Ireland,Track URL: RA907069002HK)
• when arrive in the Spain, Track URL: (e.g. RA907090606HK)
• when arrive in the New Zealand, Track URL:
• when arrive in the Denmark, Track URL: RA918689792HK)
Hong Kong Air mail, Track URL:
When arrive in your country, please track the parcel on the official website of post, or directly contact the local post office with tracking number.
II. FedEx
FedEx Ground tracking numbers are usually 12 digits long ( 6XXXXXXXXXXX ). and enter the tracking number in the field provided and click on "Track It". The detailed results of the tracking number you entered will be displayed.
• URL:
• Track URL: (e.g. EB*********CN)
• Track URL: (e.g. EE*********HK)
UPS tracking numbers are usually 18 digits long (1ZA8XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ). please enter the tracking number in one of the fields provided then click on "Track". The tracking number will be displayed. If you need detailed information, click on "Details".
• URL:

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